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Web Tasarım

Web design service consists of a process provided in certain stages. The visible face of your brand which is the online showcase are designed by considering sectoral and project-based needs. As Rekloweb, we also apply all of the web design processes in the best way.

So how does this web design process work? Let’s examine it together.

web tasarım süreci

As you can see in the infographic that we have prepared for you, this process consists of 4 steps. We will explain them in more detail for you.

If you’re ready, let’s start!

How Does the Web Design Process Work?

After you decide to build a website, when you contact us and start working together, the following steps are waiting for you.

Determining the Need

First of all, your needs for your sector or project are determined. This includes topics such as what kind of website you want to build and your goals you want to achieve. Do you need e-commerce or a corporate website, what are your short and long term goals? we complete our prework by getting these informations from you on such matters.

Design Process

The design process begins right after your needs are determined. In this step, the layout of your website and the messages you want to send to your target audience, the colors you want to use and many more details are going to be the main subject.
As a company, we offer demo work to our customers and help them in these matters. In this way, the process continous faster and at the same time we avoid details that can cause confusion.

The Creation Phase

After the design phase is completed, our software developers are starting to create the designed website. These processes continues in line with your requests and the goals you set, and your website is being prepared.


After the website is finished, our team makes the final checks and puts your site to certain tests. These routine practices, which are made to prevent any mishaps, are very important in terms of confronting your customers without problems and avoiding mistakes.
After all the tests and controls are over, your website is ready to be published!
Now you can showcase your business online and inform your potential customers of your presence.

You can also review our references section and browse the websites we have done before.

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