SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization”. It is the name given to the general work done to appear in search engines and to make your website rank high.

The increasing number of online shopping and the development of e-commerce systems has led to an increase in the number of online business. Now people can easily find and order everything they are looking for on the internet and have what they want without leaving their homes. Therefore, studies for websites are now more important.

There is a certain amount of advantage to rank high in search engines. For example, the company in the 1st rank generally earns more money. Those who are in the 2nd and 3rd rows have a lower income depending on the ranking. Therefore, it is important to rank high in search results in order to get a bigger income. In addition, when we look at it in terms of brand value and image, this is an indicator of prestige. Because being in the first place in search engines always reminds us concepts such as trust and quality.

Having a SEO work will benefit your company in many aspects. However, when using SEO, a correct path should be followed and wrong misuse should be avoided. Especially overwork can cause many problems. Therefore, we need to adjust the dose of our work well. Otherwise, we may be penalized by Google and may not be included in the search results.


First of all, if we talk about the advantages of SEO, its also a advertising and a promotional work. Therefore, you save your advertising expenses. Increasing brand awareness is very effective in reaching the target audience directly. It is the most profitable advertising investment with the highest return. When we look at all these, having a SEO work is a must in today’s conditions.
When doing SEO work, our priority is to do the work naturally, in an organic way. Because such studies will open the door to success. In addition, it is important that this perception is accepted by search engines. Because while you doing SEO work, you might get penalized and drop to the Sandbox. Therefore, the most important factor is to emphasize that it is a useful site that serves the user naturally.
It is important to be able to produce original content and prioritize user experience (UX) in such studies. Because Google pays a lot of attention to original content. In addition, doing this kind of work will be beneficial in terms of gaining value in the eyes of Google, as it highlights the content that is useful to people in the Google algorithm. On the other hand, copy contents do not have any meaning and will also be to your detriment. Therefore, it would be better not to write content like that at all.
User experience is very important. If the users who interacts with your website, spend time and leave happily, they are more likely to return for another job. On the other hand, providing people with useful information and meeting their needs will be very beneficial in terms of choosing you. Also it is important to improve the brand loyalty. Providing users with fun and interactive applications will allow them to feel special and they will spend more time on the website.
Sites that are original and creative about their content often receive a lot of traffic and are considered more valuable in Google’s eyes. In addition, the fact that the content is up-to-date and the posts are interesting also affects the user experience and improves the number of people who interacts with the website.
The concept we call gamification is at an important point especially in terms of user experience. The small applications in the site you have prepared for users are very valuable since they extend both interaction and time spent on the site. Paying attention to such details will help you as well as the content.

What Have We Done?

What did Ziya Pasha say? “It is the work of a person, not the tongue what speaks”. We will try to explain a small part of what we do in this manner.

Rekloweb Web Design

We are in the 1st place in Google searches in terms of “web design company” keyword. In addition, we rank on the first pages in similar words. In addition to these, we are on the first page in many words such as “digital marketing agency”, “digital marketing agencies”, “social media management”, “social media prices”. Being in such a good position in a challenging industry like Web design, social media etc. in short digital marketing leaves nothing to be talked about.


After SEO work for the brand serving in the organization sector, it ranks 1st in Google searches for keywords such as “clown” and “clown rental”. Bipalyaço, which has become the leader of the organization industry in terms of clowns, owes this success to the Rekloweb SEO team.

Ümit Paslanmaz

Ümit Paslanmaz, one of the leading brands in the stainless steel industry, chose us for SEO work and was placed on the first page of Google searches in the words “stainless” and “stainless pipe”, strengthening its presence in the industry and they started getting a lot of business on the internet.

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