7 Doctor Website Designs and Examples Like Medicine

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With the widespread use of the Internet and smart phones, many institutions and persons in the health sector have stepped into digital media. Users who want to benefit from healthcare services have had the opportunity to easily reach doctors through digital media.

You can now benefit from healthcare services by easily making an appointment or choosing the right doctor for you, thanks to doctor websites.
Based on the doctor website examples, we examine the relationship between the health sector and digital media in the context of web design and offer sections to give you a better experience.
By making a doctor website, you can expand your target audience and reach more people. You can also increase your credibility with a corporate website. In addition, with the online appointment system you can provide health services to your patients in an institutional manner by establishing much faster and easier communication.
Let’s examine our examples where we can take advantage of the privileges we mentioned at that time.

Examples for Doctor Website Designs


When we examine its theme, at the first opening we can see that it has a stylish design and a design that feels like a hospital. It has a design that can be based on a team rather than a single person. The design looks favorable for customizing. Responsive Design has turned into a unique web page in terms of mobile compatibility and management panel. If you have a good medical team and a small building, I can say that this website is for you. You can review this stylish and beautiful doctor website design example of Be Theme here.


If you are using the website for the sale or production of products like medicine etc, this website offered by Be Theme is very useful for you and has been written in a language that your customers can understand. Although it is an exemplary E-commerce site, it contains a little more cleanliness and meticulousness than other E-commerce sites because the sector it serves is health. The first opening of the page, a photo of a doctor representing trust, added another beauty to the mood of the web page and brought a new perspective. Mobile compatibility, Responsive Design and management panel are also included in the package. It is now very easy to work on this theme with Rekloweb web design company. If our customers say that they want a website, our only goal will be to work and make the best results for you. You can review this theme, which is an example of doctor website design, here.


This is one of the unique designs of the Be Theme. The beauty of the opening is enough to keep the user on the website. In the example, the website was made with a mysterious and aesthetic point of view, that’s why users will discover everything with a little curiosity. Its features like Responsive Design, mobile compatibility, management panel etc are great advantages for users and administrators. If you are dealing with healthcare work, we can recommend you to use this theme as Rekloweb corporate web design agency. I would also like to point out that since your web page is located on a single page, it will be used very easily by your users. Loading cached data is simple and does not lag the web page. You can review this website, which has a good design among the doctor website designs, here.

It is one of the Responsive designs of the Be Theme. Mobile support, management panel and security updates are also included. It is an example of a useful web page for the healthcare industry. It is a beautiful web page that appeals to all users in terms of usage, but it would promote more the persons themselves than a company very well. The aesthetics of the opening will probably keep the user on the web page, as it creates trust for the user. You can examine this beautiful work of Be Theme in the category of doctor website examples.


It is an example of a beautiful promotional aesthetic web page for any clinic or small hospital. It is a user-friendly web page with a solid infrastructure that has page openings which is fast by the opening section and does not experience loading problems. Having mobile support, a management panel and a responsive design adds different beauties to the job. We recommend the Be Theme, which introduces the health institution and its team in the best way, as Rekloweb corporate web design company. You can review this website, which is an example of doctor website design, here.


In our age, the importance given to the eye is increasing. The reason for its increase is digital media. The harmful rays of these digital environments damage our eyes and encourage us to go to the ophthalmologist. Finding a good ophthalmologist is difficult. Even a good eye clinic is difficult to find. The link I shared above is designed for ophthalmologists who can truly do their job because the aesthetic of the web page is attracting attention with its design that appeals to its users. Mobile support, management panel, Responsive support is one of the biggest factors that make the website beautiful. It is one of the best examples of the doctor website you are looking for. You can view the doctor website sample here.


It is an example of a nice and elegant web page that can be used as a dental health service and personal dentist website or web blog. Mobile compatibility, management panel support and Responsive design also add beauty to the job. It is a very exemplary web page for patients to easily find your web page and come to your clinic after understanding your quality on your web page. It is a beautiful website that a dentist should definitely have. Rekloweb , a leading company in web site design, provides services for dentists with many examples like this, answering your questions 24/7. You can review the exemplary doctor website design of the Be Theme here.

In this article, we have reviewed the websites that belong to the Be theme. I briefly explained the themes of about 7 Be Themes for doctors or working for any healthcare employee. If you are a healthcare employee or a doctor, if you want to open your own website, you can do these with Rekloweb corporate web design agency and get very good results. You can visit our company for more doctor website examples and doctor website designs. If you say you want a website, we will continue to upload the most suitable website samples for you. You can review our blog posts on our Rekloweb corporate web design site and ask your questions about our company or the industry, if any.

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